Hello and Welcome to our blog!
Our goal here is to help you by providing cleaning tips and community information that may be relevant to you and your business.  Our desire for this blog is to inspire and encourage all that we are able.  Let’s begin by telling you who we are and why we are here.  Roslyn, the owner, grew tired of working at an industrial job with no opportunity for personal growth or career advancement.  As a result, she decided to step out on faith and pursue a career in something she has a genuine passion for…..cleaning!  David, her husband, worked 20 years in corporate America selling, managing, and delivering customer services.  The company he worked for decided to outsource his job overseas.  Because of the choices his corporate leadership made, he determined that he no longer wanted to leave his future in someone else’s hands.  So we, as a team, founded a company that provided us with the opportunities that we’re looking for while also allowing us to invest into our local community.  Thus, the birth of Carolina Premier Cleaning LLC.  We hope to provide you with information as well as a service that you will find beneficial and invite you to periodically check in here at the blog as we share information and inspiration to the Metro area.

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