As we prepare for the holidays, many of us will be leaving our current residences and spending extended time traveling and staying at the homes of family and friends or in hotels.  We will take the time to notify trustworthy neighbors of our absence, request our mail to be held at the post office, and adjust our thermostats.  We unplug lights and appliances, lock all the doors and windows, and secure boarding for pets that won’t be traveling with us.  However, one thing that you may want to do before you leave the house is leave your refrigerator door open.  If you are going to be away from your home for an extended time and are unplugging your appliances to save on electricity during your absence, make certain you leave the refrigerator and freezer doors propped open.  If not, you may come home to an unwelcomed site as mold and/or mildew can build up in your refrigerator/freezer and it can happen fairly quickly depending upon how much moisture is built up in your unit.  See the attached picture of one of the recent cleanings we completed where the electricity in a home was turned off and the refrigerator doors were left closed.  We see this often, especially in the rental homes we clean in preparation for the new tenants (of course we took care of this issue for the new tenants!!).  The previous tenants will perform the due diligence of cleaning the refrigerator/freezer prior to moving out.  The electricity will be turned off and the appliance unplugged until new tenants have been secured.  We will be contracted for the cleaning to make the home ready for the new tenants.  We’ll enter the home to perform the inspection, open the refrigerator and WHOA!!!  We are met with an unsightly mess.  If you are planning to leave your residence unattended for a period of time this holiday season and you’re planning to unplug your refrigerator or disconnect your electricity short-term, do yourself a favor……..leave your refrigerator doors open so you don’t have an unintended ending to your holiday season.   

Happy Holidays from Carolina Premier Cleaning



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